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Asia Fletcher

Artist Statement

I am a poet, writing and performing for fifteen years after I was introduced to the art at 8 years old. Through poetry I deepen my knowledge of other communities and cultures, and spread awareness around the need for diversity. My practice helps people strengthen self-expression, empathy, and commit to making a change. It has been amazing to use my voice to help others, and I plan to do so by leading regular poetry sessions at the Collective Focus Resource Hub.

At Collective Focus

Asia is a lifelong resident who grew up in Brooklyn and uses her writing and spoken word to process the events of her life. At the Resource Hub, Asia is a daily presence within our operations, assisting with organizational aspects like the community closet. Asia balances her time at Collective Focus well, and is supportive of our progams from weekly food distributions, to event planning, to workshopping poetry with other volunteers. In her down time at the hub, Asia can be found studying and researching poetry, journaling, and investing deeper into her creative process. Asia is also the co-founder of the all African American led coalition at Collective Focus, a team of Black creatives carving out space for empowerment.


Stuck in the Dark

My eyes closed


My mouth won’t

speak a word

Going off in the


It’s all pitch black

I can’t see myself

Can you see me

My thoughts going

in a circle

World pool of


Expression on


That somebody

said knock knock

See you later

Stuck in a cave

no trail to be


Falling to my


Where is everyone


that I’m asleep
Girl of the Ninety’s

Girl of the ninety’s

making her way through

the youth

Girl of the playground

stay down I will not

stir the pot memories

Girl of the ninety’s

Early mornings

getting up

Ready for school

Girl of the playground

Little girl what you

you doing

Into everything

ran through the


Didn't give in school



it’s time

Baby face still the


I’m not the one gettin

the blame

Through the years

I became the girl

of the ninety’s

Best dressed

Boys obsessed

Girl of the ninety’s
Never Should’ve Been

Never should’ve loved

Never should’ve stayed

Never should’ve paved

the way

Never should’ve told

you my secrets

This relationship is

erupting like a volcano

Your ways are totally

lame bro

It never should’ve

been you

You’ve made the rocks

of the earth bleed

Eyes of my heart

drip pain

So I drip drip drip

until my world floods

Despite you care

You’re no where

Never should’ve loved

Never should’ve stayed

How could you say

love is there

but full of despair

You Show Nothing

Stayin away

makes me blue

The aggression

you put out against me

Makes me feel


You have no right

To tell me how

I’m supposed to


You want me low

How dare you

You stripped


From all I knew

How can I show


But you show nothing

they say, they’re gonna

Talk about you until

you die

However you all

gonna talk about me

until I blossom
You Can’t Take it with You

You can’t take your


You can’t take your


You can’t take your


You can’t take it

with you

As the the mind grows

so does the soul

We approach that


That is near

Stayin a certain


thinkin flyin

coach is the best approach

You can’t take your


You can’t take your


You can’t take your


You can’t take it

with you

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