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Briana Calderón Navarro

Artist Statement

I became an artist in adolescence when I connected my advocacy for social causes to painting and drawing. I brought creative initiatives to my hometown’s city council as a member of the Youth Advisory Board, which earned me a full ride scholarship to CUNY ten years ago. I developed an academic studio practice, but I also made a name for myself as a sign painter for protests and social movements. Now I apply my fine arts background to mural painting, food justice, and upcycling surplus materials. Muralism connects me to my Mexican roots, which influences my passion for immigration reform.

At Collective Focus

Briana is one of the co-founders of Collective Focus. Briana wears many hats at the Resource Hub. She brought life to the space with her painting of the walls and murals. You can find her working on our next grant proposal, painting art for our donors, sourcing food for our food drives and community fridges, or making the children that come to the Resource Hub feel heard and seen. Her light energizes the entire space and has created an environment where everyone feels welcomed. Her love for this work inspires every single soul that walks through our doors. She builds up the artists and volunteers to find their fullest potential in their own work and in the community work that we do.

Social Impact

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