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Crystal Hart

Artist Statement

I’ve been professionally making performance art as Crystal Hart for five years, but my drag career is the culmination of a lifelong artistic journey. I have an eclectic background across media and for 10 years I primarily worked as an Off-Broadway Stage Manager. 

As a queer artist the creative process is a refuge and a vital source of power.  In both theater and drag I give these values human form. I activate the power of identity in physical space. This extends my refuge and my power to my audience, my community.  I lift others up, as I have been lifted.

At Collective Focus

Crystal performed at our first open-mic night last summer, where she recited poetry and brought loving energy that reflects the Resource Hub’s values. She immediately connected with volunteers, expressing a desire to bring her Drag artistry to the community. She delved into coordinating a Pride Open Mic Night in July. The event brought creative playfulness to our street corner, celebrated Queer identities in our neighborhood and solidified Crystal Hart’s essential role at the Resource Hub. Crystal continues to plan performances and film and theater workshops for our neighbors, tackling complex behind-the-scenes coordination with ease. She often organizes clothing donations in the closet, welcomes people to the hub and offers tarot readings at our weekly Thursday Morning mediations.


“In drag I become larger than life; often imagining myself in surreal mysterious worlds.
Using graphic elements and design skills is a really satisfying way for me to explore that off stage.”



Graphic Design


I come back …

I come back every single time.

I’m like a tree that way.

When you came buzzing round,

My finest blooms were on display.

I offered you my pollen,

my whole essence, just because...

I am beautiful. 

It is my right. 

And I believe in love.

You’re here.



Nape & Neck

Behind your head

Your Hair


Crying out your name

Your face

The freckles there

I love you

Im so happy

I cant believe you’re here

I’m so much older

Has it been so long?

You’re so young

Despite the years

Telling stories


More Squeezing


Holding hands

You came back

It means the world to me

I hope you understand

Love is


The only thing that matters

Now I know

Tell me more about your garden

And all the flowers that you grow.
When We Were Met

You took me to your sanctuary

Filled with plants and herbs and books

Alive & Fresh

And in this place

We sat together,

We are allowed

To be


To tinker with obsolete machinery

To speak in each other’s tongues 

To mix our colors, paint our voices.

Drink lemonade.

Confess weakness.

Mind meld.


As always.



I think, we just discovered


A sanctuary.

The number 2.

How We Do

As private as a diary,

As proud and honest as a tree,

In merest moments or long hours,

In flavors bitter, sweet or sour,

On street corners, in  hippodromes,

In PDF’s  and ancient tomes,

In the most shy and subtle ways,

Or ringing loud and clear as day,

Hands & Voice & Mind & Heart

Make miracles that we call art.

To write and draw and dance and sing,

To sculpt the void into something

That wasn’t there, that couldn’t be

Until our spirit set it free;

This is our right and very nature,

The most human of our strange behaviors.
Wind Rider

When freedom flies with purpose,

It can form a hurricane.

The ruthless strength of the tornado

Commands the mighty winds of change.

My Queen is that Tornado,

She’s twisted wind and dancing rain,

She’ll lift your spirit so damn high,

You’ll never be the same.

She has no fear of darkness,

She’s always ready to attack.

Her eyes are stone cold future,

And she is never looking back.

Parade Song

When winter’s grip begins to slack

And green shoots up from snowy white

And glassy lakes begin to crack

And crickets sing their song at night

The sun will linger each day more

As frogs and rabbits multiply

And we too are called outdoors

And so moved, we breathe a heavy sigh.

Relief, for life begins anew

Then sparks of inspiration fly

Spring has come, so much to do!

The twinkle returns to thine eye

And twinkling is how they come,

As fireflies or stars above

Impossible to say where from

Except the place is undreamed of -

What luck! To be a witness to

This shimmering parade of friends.

Their music fills the air with love

Such that all sorrow finds its end.

Social Impact

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