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Devynn Blayze

Artist Statement

I began experimenting with my creativity in high school when I took a media studies course. I immersed myself into photography and videography, and explored my expression through these mediums. I also organized protests in South Florida around the Stoneman Douglas shooting during this time. For the past 5 years, I’ve continued mastering my craft while organizing events and projects, with an emphasis on educating and learning. Recently, I began exploring different mediums including music, painting and modeling. I’m working on using my spiritual self care methods to help other artists adventure their emotions with different creative forms.

At Collective Focus

Devynn brings their spirit to the hub daily, filling our space with healing energy that empowers our resilience and setting a standard of creativity. They often utilize their drawing and painting skills to up-cycle donated items to sell at our marketplace. Devynn coordinates many of our artist vendor experiences including our Wellness Fairs, where a network of wellness-focused artists can flourish with our support. Devynn facilitates weekly meditations, spontaneous jam sessions, group craft-making and spiritual workshops at the space. With free time at the Hub, Devynn can be found practicing yoga, dance, laughing or inviting new prospective volunteers.


Social Impact

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