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Jade Castillo

Artist Statement

Jade Castillo is the arranger behind aural and visual media projects relaying the narrative of collective identity. She uses her specializations in applied sciences of sound and music production to collaborate with artists and as a storyteller for non-human voices, blending ideologies from both sources into her personal creations. Her studio work trails from 2017 to current day. Throughout her 6 year professional journey as an explorative artist, she has performed, recorded, and worked with different communities emphasizing consciousness and experimental performance.

At Collective Focus

Jade manages the Collective Focus audio studio. She leads the charge of bringing organization and professionalism to our studio establishment and continued process. Her work at the Hub involves coordinating sessions, engineering for the studio, teaching DJ techniques and facilitating outreach that brings awareness of this resource to local artists. Jade produces her own environmentally focused audio experiences and beats at the Hub studio and nourishes the creative development of all who interact with her. In Jade’s off time at the Hub, she can be found meditating, hosting spontaneous disk jockey sessions, or discussing holistic health and nutrition.

Social Impact

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