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Jaime Perez


Artist Statement

For 28 years I’ve practiced or taught in visual, culinary, media arts and fashion design. My most consistent craft is as a visual artist for my community through aerosol, acrylics, inks, paint markers, charcoals, drafting pencils, pastels, among other mediums that I use regularly to create and share knowledge. Some of my most recent projects in New York are the collaborations with mural production at Collective Focus. I’ve also painted and designed some of the community fridges in Brooklyn. This practice merges my artistic skills with food justice at community run sites that provide emergency access points to free food.

At Collective Focus

Jaime brings fridges to life by painting them and building their winter shelters, which secures their longevity for the benefit of thousands of people that use the fridges to source food. Jaime does nightly check-ins with the fridges to make sure they are clean and ready to use for the next day. Jaime is an integral part of our weekly food drives, usually among the first to arrive and assisting oversight and coordination. Jaime painted murals outside of Collective Focus and shares his 20+ years of experience with people from all age groups. Jaime plays a vital role maintaining long-term connections with our neighbors and uniting us for events, applying his food handling certification and Serve-Safe license to our operations. Jaime is the lead professional chef at the Hub and creates culinary masterpieces for the volunteers that keep us energized throughout the day. Jaime is also a core facilitator for our safety training workshops, leading the charge on proper fire code and food protocol.

Social Impact

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