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Jean Paul Torre

Artist Statement

My practice consists of designing 3d-models, 3d-printing the models, and painting them to bring each figure to life. My work was inspired by retablo, a form of art in Peru (where I'm from). My 3d-models consist of figurines from short stories I’ve written, current events, and crafts including planters, and jewelry.

I’ve been working in the intersection of art and engineering since 2019. Diversity in Engineering requires a cultural shift. Two of my goals are to promote STEM programs to youth in underrepresented communities via the arts; and to improve tech literacy in low-income communities using creative tools.

At Collective Focus

Jean Paul is a creative engineer who designs technical solutions to streamline operations at the Resource Hub. He has coded programs that improve our data tracking so we can better understand our metrics. Jean Paul is also a core organizer for our community map team and is currently innovating our capacities to engage people in our community through creative tools such as coding, UX Design and software. He inspires us to think more imaginatively through a futuristic lens.


Social Impact

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