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Maat Silin

Artist Statement

I have been interested in art all my life, but began focusing on illustration and abstract patterns since adolescence. Some themes that I include in my work are representation of Black and brown people and various forms of social commentary. I try to use bright colors to alter the mood that I'm in and to create an inviting world within my pictures. During the pandemic, I was able to merge my illustrations with food justice. My paintings on refrigerators for Collective Focus are intended to help people feel welcomed in a community where my friends and I combat food insecurity.

At Collective Focus

Maat is an artist collaborating with Collective Focus since the very early days of us operating a community center. At the Resource Hub, Maat painted 4 indoor murals as well as the fruits and vegetables fridge. Beyond that, Maat assisted in painting public art at other fridge sites in Brooklyn for over a year, including the 2 Fish 5 Loaves Community Fridge. Maat also shares an extensive base of political education through her knowledge of social and power dynamics in New York City. As a lifelong resident of the neighborhood in which the Resource Hub is located, Maat is a vital storyteller for her community.


Social Impact

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