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Tony Coleman

Artist Statement

Music is my medicine and favorite form of self-expression. As a Black man growing up on the Lower East Side in the late 90s, I was blessed to see many different forms of art styles practiced and cultures celebrated. I began practicing photography, then transitioned into music. I was already known for photos and videos, so I decided to blend it with music by throwing showcase events for local artists to get a chance to perform. This created a beautiful space for artists to meet and connect. I curate artistic events all over New York City and with this knowledge I helped plan early open-mics at the Collective Focus Resource Hub.

At Collective Focus

Tony is a highly technical audio engineer and he is part of the core team that runs the free recording studio at the Resource Hub. He brought his professional experience to the initial conceptualizing and building out of the studio room. His calm and confident demeanor makes even the most novice speaker feel supported in the studio. Tony is hands on for all of the daily logistic needs of running our facilities, from open to close and everything in between. A natural organizer and facilitator, Tony smoothly steps into leadership and responsibility roles whenever the need arises. 

Social Impact

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