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Community Guidelines

At the Resource Hub:

  • We respect our community.

    • We are welcoming and accommodating to each other while also practicing community safety and respecting boundaries.

  • We respect each other’s identities.

    • Sometimes, people’s gender expression may surprise you. Always ask people what pronouns they use (such as: she, he, they, or something else) and use their stated pronouns.

    • Respect everyone’s racial, sexual, and social identities with your words and actions. We do not allow hate or discrimination against race, sex, class, country of origin, age, religion, or disability.

  • We respect each other's physical space.

    • Respect everyone’s personal space by asking for consent before touching others, taking photos, or getting close to anyone else’s body. Please do not physically touch anyone at the hub without asking for their permission first.

  • We respect each other’s mental needs and emotional space.

    • Our volunteers are not mental health experts. Please do not treat volunteers as therapists, because they are not trained to help with sensitive issues. We encourage everyone who is experiencing emotional distress to seek professional help. We can recommend resources for you to try.

  • We respect our environment - inside the hub and the surrounding sidewalks.

    • Please do not leave messes or discarded items behind for others to clean. Always follow the correct trash protocol, or ask before using our trash cans. Recycling must be separated according to city rules otherwise we will get a ticket.

  • We do not condone substance abuse or intoxication at the hub or our events. People who are intoxicated or under the influence may be asked to leave. 

  • This is a safe space. We do not allow violent language or violent behavior.

  • We practice active bystander intervention and community care when we observe behavior that we perceive as unsafe or in violation of our Community Guidelines.

  • We support everyone taking a stand against behaviors that are unsafe or violate our guidelines. Please help us maintain peace at the Resource Hub by getting involved or speaking up whenever you see harm.

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